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meditatie (lammas).

Via:Book of Shadows

Lammas: Meditation

Have someone read this guided imagery to you while you meditate with eyes closed, or tape record it in your own voice for later playback.


Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Imagine that you become weightless. You drift in the air and soon you feel your spirit body moving through time and space. Vague images and colors flash past you as you move speedily.

Soon the movement stops and you find yourself in a field of ripening wheat. You stand in the field with the waving golden crowns brushing against your body. Begin to breathe deeply and you will notice with each exhalation, your body dissolves and becomes part of this wheat field. Imagine yourself, your energy, and your consciousness spread now across the entire wheat field. Feel your wheat-body flow and shudder in the rushing wind.

Soon you notice that farmers come with sickles and they begin to harvest your body. There is no pain in this experience—there is only the giving of your body freely, as nature always does. Do not hold back; imagine that you give of your wheat-body freely to those who reap. After some time has gone by, imagine that the wheat that made up your body is now being threshed and stored in great heaps. Imagine now the women of the village coming to you and taking of your body to make bread. Give of yourself wholly. Allow yourself to be one with the grain and one with the giving.

When you are ready, your consciousness collects and solidifies. Your spirit body now travels back through time and space quite rapidly. You are returning to the place where you began this journey. Once you feel yourself back fully to your physical body, wiggle your toes and fingers to awaken your full presence.

When you have completed the exercise, open your eyes and take time to journal about this experience.

• What was it like to dissolve and become the wheat field?
• What was it like to give so fully of your spirit-body?
• How can you use the insights you have learned in this meditation in your daily life?