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Faerie Magazine “The Melodious Cave,” Scotland!

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sminck crea….

Mom’s Got Ink Create an awesome jack o’lantern face paint look! Great idea for your child’s Halloween party at school!

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mjam crea

Mom’s Got Ink Try bacon like you’ve never had it before! Bacon wrapped avocado fingers!

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The Master Shift

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Zeep ~ Soap crea

Mom’s Got Ink Make deadly fun soaps (on a rope)! Here are the ingredients! These make a fun trick or treat goodies, or you could keep them around the house Silicone ice cube tray (skull shaped), 1/4 pound of white … Lees verder

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SpiralScouts™ International  

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Barbie crea…

Pagan Humor Because We Get It

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House Spell Bottle ….

We Sisters Three )O( House Protection Spell Bottle Since the earliest spell bottles were created for protection, it seems fitting to begin with one made for this purpose. Ideally, such a bottle will be walled up in a new home … Lees verder

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