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Jurk crea…

via:Firefly Path

The Lady Amalthea inspired gown for the The Last Unicorn screening at Castro Theatre in San Francisco April 20th 2013.
If Lady Amalthea was going to a Ball I feel like this is the gown she would wear. I tied in elements of her lavender gown in the movie like the off the shoulder sleeves and plum colored ties down the center of her dress.
For me this is a very special gown because it was inspired by the one of my favorite heroines (Lady Amalthea) growing up. I am honored that I will be able to show this gown to Author Peter S. Beagle, and extremely honored that his crew wants to incorporated Firefly Path Unicorn Circlets on their tour. It’s truly a dream come true that my work is in some small way associated with the Last Unicorn!!
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