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Engels (humor) Heksen gedicht ….

Ik vond dit gedicht zooooo leuk….moest hem gewoonweg delen……

(uit het boek – The CraftĀ / A witch’s book of shadows – van Dorothy Morrison)

Helaas is het gedicht in het engels en om de bijbehorende magie erin te houden, laat ik hem zo.

Nu volgt een beetje heksenhumor šŸ˜‰


Basic Witchery:

Nails, snails, and dragon’s tails:

Are they good for that witch ails?

Eye of gnewt and wing of bat:

Will they work for this or that?

All recipes, good Witches know

Are followed to the tip of toe.


A pinch too much? A slip up there?

And Fuzzy Wuzzy has no hair!

Instead of fairies flitting free,

You’ve conjured up a chimpanzee!

And though he’s fun and likes to play-

How doĀ  you make him go away?


This is a cookbook for my Craft

Full of giggles, smiles, and laughts!

Concoctions, spells, and recipes

Woven well by Blessed Be’s

And designed without one nervous twitch

By one who’s proud to be called “Witch”


Taken from the title page of Dorothy Morrison’s personal Book of Shadows.