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Going to keep posting this for the next week, there are only 8 days left to sign up for the Pagan Basics 101 and Pagan Basics 102 courses offered through Pagans Learning Online. These courses are offered free of charge and carry a workload of 3 – 5 assignments per week. 1/2 of all assignments are short assignments for credit only and the other 1/2 of assignments range from topic related assignments to artistic and creative ones meant to spark your inner child

Pagan Basics 101 – This is a 16 week course offered free of charge for the true beginners in the world of paganism. Pagan Basics 101 offers the following topics of study –
Week 1, Understanding how the class works.
Week 2, The basic history of paganism.
Week 3, Inner reflections and self awareness.
Week 4, The laws of magic and of nature.
Week 5, The magical process.
Week 6, Working with magic.
Week 7, Elemental magic and spell crafting.
Week 8, Rituals and high magic.
Week 9, Protection Spells.
Week 10, Alternative magic and mythos.
Week 11, Herbalism and green witchcraft.
Week 12, Nordic magic.
Week 13, Healing magic and alternative healing.
Week 14, Modern paganism and Wicca.
Week 15, Paganism in the modern world.
Week 16, British magic and recap.

Pagan basics 102 – This is a 16 week course offered free of charge for beginners who are a bit more advanced and know the basic of basics when it comes to paganism. Pagan Basics 102 offers the following topics of study –
Week 1, Basic history of paganism.
Week 2, Understanding paganism.
Week 3, Essentials of magic.
Week 4, Spell writing and essentials.
Week 5, High magic in theory and practice.
Week 6, Functional divination in theory and practice.
Week 7, Rituals and other magical rites.
Week 8, Herbalism in theory and practice.
Week 9, Demonic entities and otherworldly forces.
Week 10, Alchemy and transformation magics.
Week 11, Astrology and cosmic magic.
Week 12, Self awareness.
Week 13, Shamanism and animism.
Week 14, Eastern magical traditions and pathways.
Week 15, Western magical traditions and pathways.
Week 16, Modern paganism.

These courses are open to everyone even past students and students who were previously on suspension. There are student teachers available to help in each class and mentor opportunities available for those who need a bit extra help. For those of you who take summer vacations we also offer passes which will allow you to receive your workload before you go on vacation so you don’t fall too far behind. All lectures and assignments have been edited and proofread by our wonderful team of directors and assistants. Lectures include images, step by step instructions, important information and much more. An instructor is available often throughout the week to answer questions and assist with assignments and with the use of facebook groups and chat you are able to discuss topics with your fellow classmates and perhaps gain new insight and ideas.

Pagans Learning Online is a non profit corporation creating a scholarly learning environment for everyone who is interested and dedicated. Pagans learning online prides itself in helping those without the ability to learn elsewhere study paganism in a caring and informative situation. No student will be turned away based on disability as long as you are willing to help the instructor help you. Assignment extensions and passes are available to help with the workload when needed. We believe that with strength, pride, and wisdom we can change the world for the better.

If you are interested in enrollment in our classes you can visit our website at or send a request for enrollment to You will hear back from us within 24 hours.



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