Beltaine gedicht…

via:Happy Witch

Beltaine Poem

The land is green, the soil fertile, warmed by the bright Sun!
Dance around the Maypole, children, Summer has begun!
Goddess green, the land, and fields meet the spark of life.
Flowers and ribbons celebrate the end of Winter’s strife!
As days grow warm, and ever longer,
The Sun’s great power is burning stronger!
Maiden Goddess and Hunter Prince, dance the circle ‘round,
And disappear among the trees, for true love has been found!

In an ancient grove they meet this night,
To join together in The Great Rite!
God and Goddess joined in passion, their union this day is made.
In the grove, warm and green, the chalice joins with blade!

by ~captainsparrow666, Apr 14, 2012, 3:38:16 PM
Literature / Poetry / Emotional / Songs & Lyrics

Art by: arjenhenry


Happy Witch – Sonja



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