The Blyssful Witch – Dark Paganism and the Occult

Spiritual and Magical Philosophies – The Esoteric Dynamic of Magic (Sensing Energy and Divination)

Excerpt from: American Shamans by Jack Montgomery

“Magic…is considered the acquisition, accumulation, manipulation and projection of Divine or human energy. We must consider – from the magical and shamanistic worldview – that this energy is, like the Divine, omnipresent.

It exists everywhere and in everything to varying degrees of intensity.

This includes inanimate and animate objects and the atmosphere itself. The universe, from the magical view, is an immeasurably vast, but finite living entity or field of energy.

We exist, from this perspective, in an aquarium-like environment.

Therefore, within this closed space we can draw energy into ourselves and send it out again, much as fish breathe by taking and expelling water through their gills.

Similar to the way we take in food, water and air, all conscious entities can absorb psychic energy from our environment to be able to nourish our mental, spiritual and emotional capacities.

In such a universe, there are no random events, no accidents – with all events originating from a source somewhere within this sphere of energy.

To act magically is to consciously gather, manipulate and then direct that energy toward a desired objective.

By this definition, magical acts are simply enhanced versions of very normal processes of thought and action.

By the same token, we can also recognize subtle cues as to distant and possible future events in our own sphere, which may directly affect us.

The honing of this ability is how most healers and shamans are adept at sensing and interpreting what are popularly called ‘signs or omens’.

These omens can be overt physical manifestations of the subtle movement of energy, such as the appearance of a certain animal or simply a change in the weather.

These omens or signs can be also sensed psychically by those trained to seek and recognize their presence.

This divination, or subtle sensing, might include entities or spirits that do not have a physical form dense enough to be detected by our usual five senses.”

Source: American Shamans – Journeys with Traditional Healers, Jack Montgomery; Busca Inc. (2008)

Image: Iderion, Manzanedo (Antonio José Manzanedo ) –

Illustration for Krynea Battlefield Card Game



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