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☼ ☼ ☼ Ostara (Spring Equinox) in the USA/CDT is Thursday, March 20, 2014 peaking at 11:57am. 20 days & counting !!!
☼☼☼ ℬlℰssℰd are the Ꮚitches ☽◯☾

For Wiccans and some other Pagans, Ostara (or Spring Equinox) is the day when the Goddess and God (usually identified as Mother Earth and the Green Man or the Young Maiden and Sun God) join in sacred marriage. The Goddess will conceive, and give birth in nine months. The increased growth and strength of nature in the spring is due to the rising power of the Goddess and God.
On the equinox, night and day are nearly exactly the same length – 12 hours – all over the world. This is the reason it’s called an “equinox”, derived from Latin, meaning “equal night”. However, even if this is widely accepted, it isn’t entirely true. In reality equinoxes don’t have exactly 12 hours of daylight.
Ostara is an ancient festival of Germanic origin celebrating the Goddess of the dawn. This name came from the Goddess of spring and the dawn, Eostre (which has had multiple spellings through the ages, including Ostara and Austrō). The Germanic people named their month (equivalent to our April) Ēosturmōnaþ after the Goddess. The Neopagan holiday of Ostara is also known as Lady Day, Egg Day, or Alban Eiler (Druidic).
Deities: Ostara Goddesses are generally associated with springtime, such as Ostara, Cybele, Freya and Flora. Demeter and Persephone are often honored at spring and fall rites to correspond with the agricultural cycle. Gods associated with fertility and the wild, such as Pan and Cernunnos are sometimes invoked. This is also a time when many resurrected Gods were celebrated, who often came back in the spring or their strength returned in the spring: Mithras, Osiris, Attis, Dionys
Direction Association: East
Time of Day: Dawn
Colors: colors associated with springtime: grassy greens, pastels like pink, mint, lavender, yellow and robin’s egg blue. All these colors brighten up the Ostara ritual, or the Ostara altar.
Symbols: Eggs, seeds, rabbits and hares, flowers, buds, grass, sunrise.
Altar Tools: Any associated with the Earth: the pentacle, the bowl of salt.
☼ Eostre rituals are nice but not always possible. That’s okay—there are no requirements. You can set up a small Ostara altar somewhere, such as in the garden, on your porch or patio, or under a sunny, east-facing window, even tucked away in a corner. It doesn’t have to be elaborate with Wiccan tools—some candles, perhaps a vase of wildflowers. Go there in the mornings during the Ostara season just to meditate on the meaning of the season. Pray and make offerings of fresh herbs or seeds to your Ostara Goddess and God.

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