Tactile Ribbon Pull Toy: —————————
What you need: —————— … Empty container [for example, formula milk/coffee/cocoa canisters], thorougly cleaned. Bright wrapping paper [left over from bdays/special occasions] Scrap pieces of ribbon Glue/Double sided tape Item of your choice to punch holes
How to: ——— For this one, puncture some holes into the sides and lid of the container and make sure there were corresponding holes at the same levels on each side. Then thread the different ribbons through the holes, coming in one side and out the exact same place on the opposite side so that they can be easily pulled back and forth. Knot the ends securely so that they can not come out. In the lid,  add a few more although these can only be pulled upwards until the lid is taken off and they are adjusted again. Some  ribbons make a lovely noise when pulled due to their stiffer material, so that adds a lovely surprise element to play!
– derived from
Ros )O(

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