Posting Toy ————–
What you need: —————— …
Empty container [for example, formula milk/coffee/cocoa canisters], thorougly cleaned.
Bright wrapping paper [left over from bdays/special occasions] Metal lids [such as baby food jar lids], thorougly cleaned OR Sturdy cardboard circles [from a box]
Glue/Double sided tape Utility knife
How to: ———-
Cover the container in bright wrapping paper, then simply cut a slot into the soft plastic lid of the canister.
Cover the metal lids/cardboard circles in paper and number them 1-5, letter them a-e or draw shapes on them.
That’s it!
It’s a great game for teaching about object permanence as once the lids go in, the top can come off and they are discovered again inside!
Ros )O(

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